Get in on the joke.

Let's discuss how Stand-Up Strategist can help your organization harness humor, creativity, and customer-centric innovation as the engine of strong growth, internal alignment and expanded relevance.

Leadership Training, Coaching, Advisory

Based on our highly effective presentations, coaching, training and advisory services.

Co-Branding and Partnerships

SUS is continuously exploring ways to partner with future-shaping organizations.

Leadership Training, Coaching, Advisory

From our research and interaction with senior leaders from around the world, we believe that humor can be studied, practiced and refined – just like negotiation or oratory skills.  

Our training involves a proprietary, analytic approach on how to systematically apply humor to drive successful leadership and a culture that embraces continuous transformation.

SUS training and workshops also involve exclusive insights gained from our research, curation and oversight of the Stand-Up Strategist platform. Our platform provides the filter and analytics to ensure that efforts to apply humor by leaders and organizations accomplish strategic results – rather than merely making people laugh or smile. 

Presentations, workshops and advisory sessions are led by SUS co-founders, whose highly complementary, frontline expertise will help to turbocharge the growth, market leadership, and culture of your organization:

  • Jamie Anderson (global management and creative leadership);
  • Gabor George Burt (business transformation and Slingshot Framework); and
  • Art Reid (deep understanding of internal and external customer engagement strategies).

The Stand-Up Strategist 4 C/S Framework

Leveraging the 4C/S Framework, we guide organizations through the process of strategically applying the powerful benefits of humor to create a strong sense of Community, to maintain Composure in high-pressure environments, to embrace Change, and drive Creativity as the fuel for innovation and growth.

Co-Branding and Strategic Partnerships

You can partner with us in a variety of ways, including:
  • Exclusive brand association across the Stand-Up Strategist platform
  • Co-hosting or sponsoring our annual SUS Top23 Awards Gala
  • Taking part in the annual SUS ranking and winner selection process
  • Joint content generation and event creation
Such partnerships provide you with a highly distinctive way to nurture your corporate brand, gain high-profile publicity, and re-enforce the importance of humor for your organization.
A Stand-Up Strategist corporate partner and an Awards Gala sponsor walk into a bar…. and they both tell stories of having invigorated their brands, level of customer attachment and employee engagement. Don’t you want to be in on the joke as well? Contact us to explore details.

Each year, Stand-Up Strategist selects, ranks, and celebrates the best corporate April Fools campaigns worldwide – based on their potential to impact corporate strategy and culture.

Stand-Up Strategist can help your business harness humor and creativity as the engine for strong growth, internal alignment and expanded relevance.

Ranking Criteria

Entertainment Value – How universally funny, original and clever is the underlying concept? To what extent does it make you laugh, ponder, and make you want to share it with others?

Quality of Execution – How well is the underlying concept presented, what is the level of execution, attention to detail and overall campaign quality?

Opportunistic Absurdity – To what extent does the underlying concept actually capture the seed of a new business idea or potential market offering?

Brand Relevance – To what extent is the underlying concept consistent with, and can help propel the brand essence and market positioning of the company behind it?

Cultural Impact – To what extent can the underlying concept serve to unify and align the staff of the company behind it around optimal strategy and culture?