Spotlight on Humor – Emirates Airlines

Emirates, a brand with a well-established social media presence, wanted a new approach to its social content. The internationally renowned airline teamed up with digital marketing firm Traffic Digital to deliver maximum organic engagement for minimum spend. The result was an April Fools’ Day prank post revealing a new plane that would feature a swimming pool, gym, park and games room. The success of this post lay in its execution, striking the right balance of believability and doubt through high quality, eye-catching imagery and measured copy. The concept tapped into Emirates’ reputation as an aviation innovator, while introducing a fun, light-hearted dimension to the brand, earning its place as a Stand-Up Strategist spotlight feature.

Each year, Stand-Up Strategist selects, ranks, and celebrates the best corporate April Fools campaigns worldwide – based on their potential to impact corporate strategy and culture.

Stand-Up Strategist can help your business harness humor and creativity as the engine for strong growth, internal alignment and expanded relevance.

Ranking Criteria

Entertainment Value – How universally funny, original and clever is the underlying concept? To what extent does it make you laugh, ponder, and make you want to share it with others?

Quality of Execution – How well is the underlying concept presented, what is the level of execution, attention to detail and overall campaign quality?

Opportunistic Absurdity – To what extent does the underlying concept actually capture the seed of a new business idea or potential market offering?

Brand Relevance – To what extent is the underlying concept consistent with, and can help propel the brand essence and market positioning of the company behind it?

Cultural Impact – To what extent can the underlying concept serve to unify and align the staff of the company behind it around optimal strategy and culture?